Rio+20: Understanding your company's footprint

Rio+20: Understanding your company’s footprint

Rio+20 (17/06/2012) – Jochen Zeitz from Puma talks to Pavilion TV about the company’s environment profit and loss initiative which aims to aid transparency in the sustainability process.

It aims to examine the entire supply chain of a product and understand the environmental impact of how they are created. It has allowed the company to both evaluate and monetise their environmental footprint – at €145 million – including land use, waste, pollution, carbon and water.

Zeitz tells Pavilion TV that no business can ever call itself sustainable meaning to have either no impact or a positive impact on the environment – but they can work at understanding how and where to limit that impact and start working on solutions.

He believes Puma is at the tipping point when sustainability will become engrained in the DNA of the company and will become an integral part of the day-to-day decision making process.