About Climate Change TV

Climate Change TV is the world’s first online broadcaster dedicated entirely to climate change issues. It features a range of influential voices who are responding to the global climate change debate. Leading figures from governments, businesses, research institutes, intergovernmental and non-government organisations - in fact almost every aspect of society which is concerned about this defining issue of our time.

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RTCC is pleased to announce that it is broadcasting interviews directly from COP25 in Madrid in a major communications partnership with the Global Environment Facility. All interviews and presentations are filmed from the GCF/GEF Pavilion at COP25.

Panel: Driving climate innovation in developing countries

Panel: Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy and Investment Projects

Panel: Global Awareness for a Sustainable Future: Private Sector Behaviour within the UN Framework

Panel: Investing in Community

Panel: Using Carbon Pricing Revenue to Drive Innovation

Environmental Education Worldwide

Sustainable Aquaculture and Food Security

COP25 at the GCF+GEF Pavilion in Madrid