Rio+20: Suzlon chief says business must embrace environmental protection

Rio+20 (21/06/2012) – Arthur Lavieri, Suzlon Brazil talks to Pavilion TV about the work the company are doing in driving sustainable development, something he says is at the heart of the company.

He says from the companies foundation, they have been participating in this agenda not only to show their own commitment to the environment but also to prove that a business approach to things can be combined with environmental protects.

He says the environmental aspects of the company are more of a cause than a business model and the company works of the idea that green business can help society. He uses the example of India where mass migration to the big cities has left many people with a sub standard level of living. By taking wind resources into the country and developing big wind farms projects, they are able to create a fast transformation of places where the economy needs to grow, bringing not only jobs but transport infrastructure, hotels and various other businesses – meaning less people have to migrate to the larger areas.