CBD COP11: Climate change leaves birds on a wing and a prayer

Rio Conventions Pavilion TV, CBD COP11 (11/10/2012) – Dr S. Balachandran, Deputy Director of the Bombay Natural History Society, describes the work of his organisation monitoring bird migration and outlines some of the potential effects of climate change on birds.

Balachandran details his organisation’s studies of bird migration using markings to discover stopover sites and evaluate these habitats. He emphasises the importance of the stopover sites, which are used by birds to build energy reserves before a long migration. He asserts that the degradation of these sites due to climate change is likely to be very damaging to bird populations. Balachandran also outlines the change in patterns of migration climate change is causing, with some birds arriving at sites earlier and others later.

Balachandran explains that wetland birds are particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change. He says with many wetland habitats now not being flooded properly, the breeding ground available to some bird species has been massively reduced.

Balachandran also explains what his organisation seeks to achieve at COP11, and that they are particularly looking forward to sharing their experiences with international peers such as RSPB and Birdlife.