CBD COP11: Humanity must shed its hubris to solve the ecological crisis

CBD COP11: Humanity must shed its hubris to solve the ecological crisis

Rio Convention Pavilion TV, CBD COP11 (12/10/2012) – Dr Nick Davidson, Deputy Secretary General of the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands, describes the value of wetlands in the world ecosystem and the importance of environmental protection for all sectors of society.

Davidson describes the wide variety of different habitats and landscapes that are classed as wetlands, making it clear that they are hubs of biodiversity across the world.

Davidson describes wetlands as the natural machinery that processes our water. He describes the mutual dependency between ecosystems and wetlands, including the human ecosystem. He describes with regret the destruction of wetlands that has taken place over past centuries as humanity has failed to realise their true value.

Davidson notes that it is hard to think of any industry or activity that does not depend on a reliable water supply – even fossil power generation requires water for cooling. He emphasises that few industries have recognised just how much the future of their business depends on preserving the environment.

Davidson finishes by describing the major shift in human thinking that is needed to truly resolve our ecological crisis, arguing that humanity needs to recognise that it cannot dominate nature, and that when it does it only causes more problems for itself.