CBD COP11: Brazilian Amazon conservation miracle neglects other regions

Rio Conventions Pavilion TV, CBD COP11 (16/10/2012) – Milton Nogueira Silva, Executive Secretary of the Climate Change Forum of Minas Gerais (Brazil), discusses the key conservation challenges facing Brazil.

Silva emphasises the importance of conservation in Brazil, which he describes as a ‘mega-diverse’ country. He states that mining, agribusiness and urban sprawl are a significant threat to this rich biodiversity.

Silva says that although the Amazon is still the main focus of Brazilian conservation, it is imperative to monitor and act to protect other regions as well, such as the Cerrado, a savannah-like area as large as the Amazon.

Silva recognises that there has been significant success in limiting deforestation, describing it as a ‘miracle’. He credits this success to uniting local communities with farmers and the police as well as the use of environmental satellites.