CBD COP11: British Virgin Islands: pioneers in Caribbean climate action

Rio Conventions Pavilion TV, CBD COP11 (16/10/2012) – Hon. Kedrick D. Pickering, Deputy Premier and Minister of Natural Resources and Labour of the British Virgin Islands, explains the impact of environmental degradation and climate change on the islands.

Pickering emphasises that tourism is a key industry for the British Virgin Islands and that their natural environment is at the centre of this. He states that 70 – 80% of visitors are attracted by the islands’ natural environment.

Pickering outlines the key environmental issues affecting the islands, including coral bleaching, mangrove destruction and water quality.

Pickering asserts that the British Virgin Islands recognise that they need to act before environmental damage becomes irreversible. He discusses their pioneering climate change policy and trust fund, investing in sustainable development and conservation regionally and nationally, and their partnerships with influential residents such as Sir Richard Branson.