CBD COP11: REDD hype must not get in the way of caution

CBD COP11: REDD hype must not get in the way of caution

Rio Conventions Pavilion TV, CBD COP11 (18/10/2012) – Tim Christopherson of the UN REDD programme explains how this complex programme works and how it needs to be communicated in a more simple way.

Christopherson acknowledges that making a market for an intangible item like carbon feels odd to many, but in reality the programme is simply a way to channel funding into sustainable forest management.

Christopherson emphasises that the activities the REDD+ programme facilitates at a grassroots level are very concrete and that it has already been a catalyst for improving land use planning and governance.

Christopherson is clear that full, effective participation of indigenous communities is important to the programme’s success. He affirms that land tenure rights might be improved alongside the programme’s implementation to ensure it is not used as an excuse for land grabs.

Christopherson also stresses that the programme must contribute to the aims of the CBD, not just the UNFCCC.