CBD COP11: Zambia going it alone on environmental projects

CBD COP11, Rio Conventions TV (20/10/2012) – Hon. Wylbur C. Simuusa, Minister of Lands, Natural Resources and Environmental Protection talks about how Zambia is going it alone when it comes to environmental projects.

He says that while Zambia has not gone very far, he believes they are travelling in the right direction and he says that he believes they were in a good position compared to other Least Developed Countries.

He says there is a growing sentiment among African countries that they must find new and innovative forms of finance. Following Rio he says it has become clear that developed countries would not want to put up the money for developing countries’ projects, and that the same sentiment was felt in India.

He says he is glad Zambia decided early on that they would try and find their own way to fund conservation projects as they are already implementing tree planting and conservation projects on the ground.