Neil Morisetti: vital we take climate security seriously

Neil Morisetti: vital we take climate security seriously

Neil Morisetti – British Foreign Secretary’s Special Representative for Climate Change

Conflict and instability caused by climate change are likely to impact the UK in the future, the country’s new top climate diplomat has warned.

Neil Morisetti, the British Foreign Secretary’s new Special Representative for Climate Change, told RTCC he plans to devote a substantial part of his role explaining the potential security threats of global warming to the public.

“You could argue in northern europe that this doesn’t affect us,” he said. “But the reality is we live in a globalised world, and we’re very much dependent on other parts of the world for our own well-being and our own prosperity.

“If you’re seeing increased instability in those parts of the world, those are places where we see our resources coming from – energy for example, volatility and prices, impacts on our ability to be competitive.”

He added: “We need to do more to mainstream the impact of climate change, for people to understand that this is not a peripheral issue, this affects all of us.”