Pal Bergan from NEST AS on the Energy Storage Challenge

Pal Bergan from NEST AS on the Energy Storage Challenge

(8/11/2013) – Pal Bergan, Technical Director at NEST AS explain how his innovative storage technology can ensure renewables can be deployed more effectively around the world.

Renewable energy has the potential to increase to 40% of the total electricity mix so the ability to store energy in order to be able to deliver power when people need it because the sun doesn’t always shine and the wind doesn’t always blow, is very important says Bergan.

He says this technology is versatile. It can be build anywhere – isolated islands, cities and even at existing power plants. Bergan also says that it can be combined with different types of energy sources.

Three pilot projects using this technology is currently under construction. The first is a concentrated solar plant research facility, the second uses a combination of bio fuels and solar and the last one is a linear fresnal solar power plant.

Bergan says NEST is currently in negotiations with partners looking to construct the facility next year following the success of the pilot projects.