GEF 5: Elwyn Grainger-Jones, Director, IFAD, Italy

Elwyn Grainger-Jones, Director, IFAD, Italy talks about IFAD’s work supporting small-holder farmers in the poorest areas of the world. Grainger-Jones explains that the organisation provides over $1 billion in finance each year to over 40 countries.

The countries IFAD works with, he explains, are on the frontline of climate change as they live in marginalised landscapes such as dry lands, flood plains and fragile slopes that are susceptible to storms, floods and droughts.

Grainger-Jones says IFAD is working against the clock to reach out to even more small–holder farmers in developing countries and has set up a new programme called ASAP, a $360 million dollar programme, which will operate in 30 countries and will be the largest global fund in the world that supports small-holder farmers adapt to climate change.

He says what small-holder farmers now need is global action to limit greenhouse gas emissions. In this vein, he says IFAD will work with the Green Climate Fund in order to ensure that a significant amount of its finance will be donated to the rural poor.