Dirk Forrister, CEO of International Emissions Trading Association (IETA)

IETA is a business coalition that believes in market solutions to climate change. Dirk explains that their member companies know about the emissions problem and feel they can be part of the solution if there is an international carbon market framework. IETA has been working with COP policy makers since 1999 to develop market solutions. They want to see clear accounting standards in the Paris agreement to improve environmental integrity in the system. Dirk comments on India’s continuing use of coal for development and explain how carbon markets can help India this transition through offsetting projects and carbon capture and storage. He is very excited to see heads of state recognise the need for carbon pricing as indicated by the recent launch to of the Carbon Pricing Coalition at COP21. Finally, Dirk talks about China’s new pilot carbon market program and how this may be the most important thing to happen in climate change in the last year