Meet the climate sceptics

Meet the climate sceptics

The notorious Heartland Institute lashed out at countries working on a global warming pact across the French capital on Monday as it scorned the idea of human-induced climate change.

At an event in an upscale hotel, prominent climate deniers took turns to attack findings from the UN’s IPCC climate science panel, which underpin efforts by 195 nations to slash greenhouse gas emissions.

The Chicago-based rightwing think tank has a record of spreading misinformation about climate change, and has been funded by oil companies, leaked documents show.

“I would not expect a far-reaching, definitive, final climate agreement,” Heartland vice president James Taylor told an audience of about 35 mostly greying, white, middle-aged men, and a handful of women.

“That’s glum news for the United Nations and the people who want to impose unjustifiable carbon dioxide restrictions, but it’s fantastic for the vast majority of humanity.”