Rio+20: Tackling sustainable development through spirituality

Rio+20 (15/06/2012) – Sister Jayanti, Director of the UK Brahma Kumaris Spiritual University talks to Pavilion TV about the spiritual aspect of the environmental crisis and says they believe it is a lack of spiritual awareness that has caused it.

She believes peoples’ actions would not have been the same if they were more spiritually aware and had values which were more holistic and pure and based on concern and compassion for people, nature and the earth as a whole rather than self interest and money.

The spiritual university is not only about people’s values and consciousness of these crises but they also have their own practical projects, with their center in India being home to one of the world’s largest solar cooking ranges in the world – producing 60,000 meals a day – and the center works on projects which look at the storage capacity of renewable energy.