Rio+20: PTB’s Alexis Valqui: Ensuring sustainable development with reliable measurement

Rio+20 (17/06/2012) – Dr. Alexis Valqui, Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt, talks to Pavilion TV about the importance of metrology – the science of measuring – in sustainable development.

He says if people want to buy green products – which they will generally pay more for – they need to feel assured that those products really are green. This requires services such as certification, measuring and testing, which a functioning quality infrastructure provides. Sustainable development will also require the efficient use of resources – and there continues to be a need to measure and analyse products and systems to ensure this.

Valqui also talks about the need to address key challenges worldwide – and the need for a well functioning quality infrastructure – and tells Pavilion TV about some of the projects they are implementing with their partners from developing countries.