VIDEO: Are we all guilty of confirmation bias?

VIDEO: Are we all guilty of confirmation bias?

Will Storr, author: The Heretics – Adventures with the Enemies of Science

The author of a book focusing on ‘Enemies of Science’ warns we should not be too quick to judge people who question scientific findings.

“Nobody is invulnerable to illusions or biases, and that includes scientists,” he says.

“The chapter [in his book] that really looks at that looks at schizophrenia, and there are some academics utterly steeped in the science, the journals and in the clinical practice of people who hear voices and have psychotic conditions who don’t believe schizophrenia exists.

“And there are people who are equally well versed in the science who believe they do. And in the book they are reduced to calling each other stupid – playground insults – and that to me very powerfully showed me that nobody is innocent of these biases.”