CBD COP11: UNEP official sees positive signs in marine conservation

CBD COP11 (9/10/2012) – Dr Jacqueline Alder, head of the Freshwater and Marine Ecosytems Branch of Environmental Policy Implementation at UNEP, emphasises the need to protect biodiversity both inside and outside of areas of national jurisdiction.

Alder asserts the need for further discussion on how countries meet targets for protection within national jurisdiction as well as discussion on how to increase the capacity of less developed nations to protect their marine ecosystems.

Alder cites the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park in Australia, which sees fishing and even access prohibited in many areas, as an example of very successful marine conservation policy. She also praises the Cook Islands’ recent designation of a large area off their coastline as protected.

Alder also emphasises the benefits of good conservation policy for tourism and in creating green jobs.