CBD COP11: Kenyan communities confront climate change

CBD COP11, Rio Conventions Pavilion TV (11/10/2012) – Mercy Mbogho, Executive Officer of the Kwetu Training Centre for Sustainable Development, explains the conservation challenges facing Kenya’s coastline and the work being done by her organisation to tackle them through community empowerment.

Mbogho tells that the degradation of mangrove forests due to climate change is damaging the entire local ecosystem, as well as putting the future of Kenya and the world at large at risk. She asserts that it is essential that biodiversity is conserved for future generations.

Mbogho details the work of the Kwetu Training Centre, established in 1997 to empower Kenya coastal communities to take charge of their own development. She explains their work educating and empowering communities to conserve mangrove forests, create their own beekeeping enterprises and improve their health.

Mbogho looks forward to interacting with other local communities at COP11 and sharing her experiences in Kenya with them.