Heinz Kopetz

COP19: Heinz Kopetz on the benefits of biomass

COP19 (15/11/13) – Heinz Kopetz of the World Bioenergy Association talks about the positives of biomass.

He sees biomass playing a bigger role in the energy market despite the wide levels of criticisms it is receiving at present. With the release of the IPCC report there is a renewed urgency to reduce carbon emissions and that can be done by moving to renewable sources of energy. He believes that the most important renewable energy sources are solar, wind and biomass.

To sceptics he says that 85% of biomass is from forests and has little implications for the food market.

Biomass stores solar energy and a large part of generated energy goes to the heat market so if we can move this to renewable energy this will in turn move us away from fossil fuels. Biomass is particularly available to nations with big spans of land like Russia, Canada and Australia.