CBD COP11: Harmony with nature is part of Indian culture

Rio Conventions Pavilion, CBD COP11 (11/10/2012) – Karuna A. Singh, Country Director for India of the Earth Day Network, discusses the role of women in environmental issues.

Singh asserts that women have a special role to play in protecting biodiversity, especially as repositories of traditional knowledge. She speaks more widely of the role of women in the post-carbon economy, referencing the Earth Day Network’s ‘Women and the Green Economy’ (WaGE) campaign.

Singh also discusses the public response to environmental issues in India, asserting that the Indian people have always sought to live in harmony with nature. She argues that lack of awareness about the ways in which modern life can be harmful to the natural environment is the main stumbling block for the Indian environmental movement.

Singh also refers to the enthusiastic response her organisation receives from young people.