CBD COP11: Humanity is a parasite, plants have rights too

Rio Convention Pavilion TV, CBD COP11 (12/10/2012) – Dr H. S. Debnath, joint director of the Botanical Survey of India, describes their work documenting the distribution of species across India and how that is changing in light of development and climate change.

Debnath states that 30% of species in their survey are endemic, meaning they grow solely in particular areas of India, and of these he states that 2% look very likely to become extinct. He asserts that this is the combined effect of climate change and habitat loss due to industrial and urban development.

Debnath goes on to describe humanity as a parasite, lamenting that there are no ‘plant rights’ commissions to match the various human rights commissions across the globe.

Debnath’s view of humanity as a parasite does not mean he is completely opposed to our species, however – he still thinks that without lifting people out of poverty, we cannot hope to adequately protect biodiversity.