CBD COP11 Special Report: All aboard the 'Science Express'!

CBD COP11 Special Report: All aboard the ‘Science Express’!

CBD COP11 (18/10/2012) – There’s a Tiger on my train! RTCC reporter Alok Gupta visits the Science Express Biodiversity Special, a museum constructed on a train that has been travelling around India raising awareness of environmental issues alongside CBD COP11.

Gupta reports from Secundarabad railway station where the train is currently situated. He describes it as the largest and most promising initiative of the Indian government for COP11. He is told by one of the organisers that the train has reached hundreds of thousands of visitors – an estimated 30 000 to 35 000 each day.

A teacher from Rockwell International School in Hyderabad affirms that the train has provided a rich learning experience for her pupils that has really added to their education.

One of the volunteers working on the train outlines his role interacting with pupils and engaging them on issues of biodiversity and the environment. He adds that it has been a fantastic opportunity for him to travel India and meet a rich “biodiversity of people”.