Rio+20: Access to information is a part of climate justice

Rio+20 (15/06/2012) – Jan Egeland, Former UN Humanitarian Relief Coordinator talks to Pavilion TV about he Global Framework for Climate Services which have releases a report looking at the possibility of climate services – services which help communities understand the impact on their immediate vicinity – around the world.

They found that these services are achievable no matter where people are or how poor they are and will mean people will be able to access information about what will hit them in terms of climate variability and change, making them more able to adapt.

While Egeland says this is already happening in the developed world, many of those who are poorest and hardest hit by climate change do not have these services and it is a part of climate justice that all communities can not only access climate information but have the right systems to critique and understanding this information and to turn the information into action at a local level.