CBD COP11: Seychelles is a showcase for conservation through tourism

Rio Conventions Pavilion TV, CBD COP11 (17/10/2012) – Prof. Rolph Payet FRGS, Minister of Environment and Energy of the Republic of Seychelles, explains the role model that the Seychelles has become in its approach to conservation.

Payet affirms that his international counterparts are inspired by progress made in conservation in the Seychelles. He says that at COP11 they are showcasing their successes and demonstrating that biodiversity targets can be achieved.

Payet says that one of the Seychelles’ key goals is ensuring that tourism, infrastructure for which often causes environmental damage, works to benefit biodiversity. He asserts that the Seychelles have been very successful in this area, with species being taken out of the endangered category due to conservation work funded by tourism.

Payet recognises that domestic action alone cannot resolve critical issues like invasive species and climate change. He gives this as the main reason that the Seychelles participates in global conferences such as COP11.