CBD COP11: Small changes to big sectors can have a huge impact

Rio Conventions Pavilion TV, CBD COP11 (18/10/2012) – Biksham Gujja PhD of AgSri discusses his expectations for CBD COP11 and his work reducing water consumption in Indian agriculture.

Gujja explains that, as a Hyderabad resident and sustainable development professional, he came to COP11 to listen and to see friends in the sector. He has low expectations in terms of policy outcomes, but he is optimistic that the conference will have a positive impact on Andhra Pradesh state and India more widely.

Gujja describes the work of his organisation, AgSri, seeking to reduce water use in Indian agriculture. He explains that agriculture accounts for 80 – 85% of water consumption India so a small reduction in water use could have a large impact.

Gujja explains that his business started by developing simple techniques to reduce water consumption when growing rice. He states that about one million farmers in India now use these techniques.