COP18: Girl guides speak for 10 million girls on climate change

COP18 (27/11/12) – Maria Hastrup and Lizette Simpson from the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts talk about the importance of girls being involved in climate change issues. They say for the girl guides and girl scouts it is just a natural thing to be involved.

They talk about the ways that girls are affected by climate change; how they are missing out on an education when they have to spend more time travelling further to collect water or fuel and how floods either prevent them from going to school or means they have to take longer routes there.

With groups across 145 countries, they say that they are able to speak for 10 million girls when they are in Doha and can represent those who could not afford to travel to the conference.

They talk about some of the activities they are involved in including community garden projects in the UK, environmental advocacy projects in Ghana and educational programmes in Denmark.