COP18: Slowing deforestation has been great success of recent years

COP18 (30/11/12) – Jeff Hayward, Director of the Climate Program at the Rainforest Alliance, describes the success that is being seen in the reduction of deforestation worldwide.

Hayward asserts that forests are still under great threat and that deforestation is still a major source of emissions – up to 15% of the global total.

Hayward explains that although deforestation continues, rates are slowing – Brazil is an example of a success story. He also explains that he still is optimistic that REDD+ can slow deforestation.

Hayward affirms that the Rainforest Alliance is looking to create a transformation in the way businesses source crops – both food crops and utility crops such as soy and paper – and has had some success.

Hayward expresses his excitement that companies are now making commitments of their own accord rather than needing public pressure in the way they used to. Hayward explains that businesses are not only keen to use Rainforest Alliance certification to improve their brand image but are beginning to recognise that sustainability is good for efficiency as well.