COP18: Wales partners with Lesotho on climate change mitigation and adaptation

COP18 (06/12/12) – John Griffiths, Minister for Environment and Sustainable Development for the Welsh Government talks about the government’s mission to embed sustainable development into all decision making in the country.

He explains that they are currently putting a Sustainable Development Bill through the Welsh parliament that will place sustainable development at the centre of government and the organising principles of the whole of the public sector.

He says with the help of a potential independent Sustainable Development Body, they would be able to set a framework on governance.

He explains the definition of sustainable development and the three strands of it – economic, social and environment and says it is about thinking for the long term and for the well being of people and communities.

He talks about partnership that Wales has with Uganda and Lesotho and the relationships they are building. He says in Doha he was able to meet with the environment minister of Lesotho and talk about taking forward a climate change strategy where the two countries will work together to help Lesotho to mitigate and adapt to climate change – including looking at such areas as renewable energy and water policy.