Camilla Born

COP18: Youth a force to be reckoned with home and abroad

COP18 (01/12/2012) – Camilla Born from the UK Youth Climate Coalition explains how the youth presence at COP18 serves to remind negotiators that this is a serious issue that requires urgent action. She says she was worried about the level of youth engagement in the region before the conference, but is amazed by the growth of the Arab Youth Climate Movement at the summit.

She describes how YOUNGO, the youth constituency, has focused on capacity building and is a force to be reckoned with, through its creative actions and in-depth policy knowledge. She says that while some negotiators’ motivations for meeting with youth can be tokenistic, in engaging with youth they realise the credibility and strength of the International Youth Climate Movement.

She describes the UKYCC delegation’s specific tasks at the conference, and expands upon her policy area of Article 6, concerning education and public awareness on climate change. She says that youth have managed to get particular points into the negotiating text, pressing on accountability, and that the next stage is planning how to continue to hold national governments to account with the Doha Work Programme after the conference.