COP18: Qatari youth are getting their voice heard at COP18

COP18 (29/11/12) – Dana Al Anzy of Reach out to Asia stresses the importance of the involvement of young people in decision-making and describes how the youth climate movement is developing in Qatar.

Al Anzy, a 17-year old Qatari delegate, argues that youth ‘build the future’ and as such their involvement is essential in all decision-making. She asserts that the voice of young people is especially important on the issue of climate change, which will impact her, her children and her grandchildren more than it will impact those making the decisions today.

Al Anzy emphasises that her presence, and her contribution to COP18, is essential, especially alongside other young people from Qatar and around the world. She gives high praise to Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser Al Missned, who has supported young people from Qatar to engage with international politics.