COP18: Ambition lacking at COP18, warns Greenpeace's Ruth Davis

COP18: Ambition lacking at COP18, warns Greenpeace’s Ruth Davis

COP18 (01/12/12) – Ruth Davis, Political Advisor at Greenpeace talks about ambition. She says there are two aspects to ambition, firstly whether the ambition set last year in Durban would be fulfilled in Doha and whether the overall ambition shown by countries is enough.

On the overall ambition she says it is definitely not good enough and says there are an increasing number of people from the outside world, everyone from scientists to insurance experts, who are warn that the chances of reaching dangerous climate change are increasing all the time.

Within the context of COP18 and whether countries would fulfill the pledges they made in Durban, she says the jury is still out. She says the first week of the conference was difficult and there was a generally sense that not enough was being done.