COP18: Climate change will pull rug from underneath, says World Bank’s Rachel Kyte

COP18 (04/12/12) – Rachel Kyte, Vice President of Sustainable Development at the World Bank talks about he need to understand what type of world we are planning for and the type of investments that will be needed.

She says the World Bank’s ‘Turn down the heat’ report – a summary of the science on climate projections – was in response to investors asking them what type of world they have to plan for as they are investing in greener growth.

She says unfortunately the report confirms that the world is heading towards a 4°C temperature rise.

She warns this will be devastating for the world’s poor. She uses the example of crop land. Climate change is expected to render 30% of crop land unusable just as the population grows and more people need to be fed.

She says as we aim to tackle poverty, climate change is going to “pull the rug out from underneath us”.