COP18: Mary Robinson calls for mass mobilisation of people for climate justice

COP18 (04/12/12) – Mary Robinson, Chair of the Mary Robinson Foundation talks about her frustration at what she says is the delegates in Doha treating the climate talks as if they were a trade negotiation. She says she has seen little movement or trust in Doha.

She talks about the new global climate justice dialogue her foundation has launched which aims to open up spaces to talk about equity and what it means for Africa, AOSIS, China and India, Indigenous people and the business community who understand that quick changes are need.

She talks about her frustration at the lack of urgency amongst parties, despite worrying reports being released ahead of the conference, from organisations such as the World Bank. He says this frustration is shared by the youth and civil society at the conference.

She warns that for too long ministers have been flying to these conferences and are not asked what they have achieved when they return home. She calls for a massive mobilisation of people before the next COPs – thousands of people inside and outside the conference calling for more urgency.