Lord Prescott: Europe can counter negative US climate position

Lord Prescott: Europe can counter negative US climate position

The EU can assume a leading role in the UN climate change process ahead of the 2015 deadline for a global deal on emissions reductions, according to former UK Deputy Prime Minister, Lord Prescott.

Speaking at a meeting of climate change lawmakers organised by GLOBE International, Lord Prescott said there was a critical role ahead for Europe.

“The 2015 summit is likely to be in France and that is a big opportunity for the EU to play its part and lead the way. Europe has taken the lead in the past and were it to join with China and India then it would be a very powerful force to counteract the often negative role taken by America.”

Asked what GLOBE’s report on climate legislation in 33 countries could tell people who doubt the level of international climate action, Prescott was emphatic.

“Just read it! We have led on Kyoto, I was involved in that which I am proud of, but if you want to learn what countries are doing today, just look through that book and you can see 33 countries are doing something.

“You have to recognise as well though that there are different roads toward the same solution. It varies in each country and now we can learn from what 33 other nations are doing.”