Edna Molewa

COP20: Edna Molewa, Department of Enviromental Affairs (South Africa)

COP20 (11/12/14) – Edna Molewa talks about the need for the world to scale up its action on climate change in the wake of the IPCC’s fifth assessment report. She discusses part of her role at COP20 as highlighting the action South Africa is taking on climate change and points to their work with the WTO on carbon tax preparations and carbon market design as an example of this. She also outlines South Africa’s Integrated Resource Plan and the wider efforts to reduce emissions across the country. Edna Molewa goes on to talk about the 2015 agreement and which issues need to feature in the text. She speaks about her country’s work as part of the BASIC grouping and lastly gives her thoughts on the recent US-China joint announcement and its place in the multilateral process.