Raquel Lejtreger

COP20: Raquel Lejtreger, MVOTMA Uruguay Delegation

COP20 (11/12/14) – Lejtreger is the head of the Uruguayan delegation and is excited to be part of Momentum for Change’s Lighthouse Activities project. In Uruguay they have a national resettlement plan for poor urban families where they work to include and integrate them into the city, providing good housing, energy and water. This allows sustainable development for the families and their future and include social capacity building.

Lejtreger thinks the social dimensions of climate change are very important. Uruguay is working hard on the loss and damage mechanism in COP20 and thinks important steps have been taken in its consolidation so far. Flooding has had big impacts on Uruguay’s population which is why they are working to take climate action. Lejtreger hopes to see a real agreement come out of Paris next year.