COP21: Harry Verhaar, Philips

Harry discusses the how energy efficient lighting can eradicate light poverty, contribute to sustainable development and be part of the solution against climate change. He sees tackling climate change as an opportunity for innovation and a new quality of life. In reference to the potential of LED lighting Harry explains how in developed countries we need to accelerate renovation of existing infrastructure and in developing countries we need to leapfrog to solar LED lighting solutions. Phillips Lighting have been leading the lighting and LED revolution by announcing it will be carbon neutral by 2020 and through co-founding the Global Energy Efficiency Accelerator Platform which brings together industries in lighting, housing, heating and subnational governments to create a bottom up momentum showing global leaders that solutions exist. Finally, Harry tells Climate Home that connecting the dots is crucial from bringing cities, business, technology, energy efficiency and renewable energy to create success. He comments on the increased presence of female leadership at COP and the difference it makes.