Rio+20: New Holland Agriculture VP Bernhard Kiep outlines the environmental benefits of no-till farming

Rio+20 (17/06/2012) – Bernhard Kiep, Vice President at New Holland Agriculture Latin America talks to Pavilion TV about the work the company is doing, focusing on sustainability to protect the land, respect the environment and still feeding the world.

He talks about the use of no-till farmer, which he says has both negative and major plus point in reducing the impact on the soil, keeping organic material in the soil, reducing water erosion and the temperature of the soil.

Despite the difficulties in introducing these farming methods, and the importance in getting the process, he says that a good example can be taken in Brazil, where yields have increased by 50% in some areas while also saving around 320 million tonnes of carbon yearly.

He also talks about biomass production in Brazil, and the benefits it has in Brazil, where growing sugar cane is so common. He says by using just 50% of the waste product – left overs from when the cane is cut – a sugar mill can produce as much energy as Brazil’s largest hydropower plant.