CBD COP11: Climate change education involves drama in Benin

Rio Conventions Pavilion TV, CBD COP11 (12/10/2012) – Saidou M. Gnanando, Director of REDERC-ONG, discusses the work of his organisation and the challenges of confronting climate change in Benin.

REDERC-ONG were invited to attend COP11 by the Equator Initiative, which aims to showcase often overlooked grassroots environmental action in Africa and around the world.

Gnanando explains that REDERC-ONG works on a wide range of issues, including the promotion of traditional healing, encouraging recycling and environmental education with women and children.

Gnanando also discusses his group’s engagement with climate change, explaining that although it affects Benin directly, many people are still struggling to understand the causes – especially older people. He describes his organisation’s work to help Beninese people better understand climate change, adding that they have found theatre to be one of the best methods.