Ronald Jumeau

COP19: Ronald Jumeau on ‘backslide’ in ambition by developed nations

COP19 (15/11/13) – Ronald Jumeau part of the The Permanent Mission of the Republic of Seychelles to the United Nations talks about the actions of Japan, Australia and Canada.

He says that he is dismayed by the news of Japan reducing its emission targets. It comes after a disappointing week of Australia scrapping its carbon tax and the Canadian government foolishly congratulating them. This trend is worrying as it looks like a big backslide from big emitters. Japan is unable to use its nuclear power plants however this should not mean increased reliance on fossil fuels. Instead they should see this as an opportunity to invest in renewable energy.

Australia’s actions are baffling as it is a nation that is and will continue to suffer from the impacts of climate change. Australia is located in a region of the world that is so vulnerable to climate change.

Its links to the Pacific Island Forum make it even more baffling as to why they would take such an attitude to reducing emissions. He hopes that their actions along with the congratulatory message from the Canadian Prime Minister will not encourage other developed nation to take suite.

He says that the EU in the past has worked well with African and Small Island states as it showed to be the most progressive within the Annex 1 countries, however lately it has become clear that there are internal struggles with less ambitious members of its bloc.