CBD COP11: Links to 'neighbourhood' of conventions allows CBD progress

CBD COP11: Links to ‘neighbourhood’ of conventions allows CBD progress

Rio Conventions Pavilion TV, CBD COP11 (12/10/2012) – Fernando Casas, Chairman of the Nagoya Protocol, explains the build up towards the agreement of the Nagoya protocol at COP10 and the challenges that lie ahead for it.

Casas outlines the key principles of the protocol, centring on conservation, sustainable use and fair and equitable distribution of benefits. He indicates that the latter of these themes is of particular interest to him.

Casas emphasises the importance of increasing environmental action in coming years, with the entry into force of the Nagoya protocol at COP12, in two years time, being part of that.

Cases notes that the CBD is part of a ‘neighbourhood’ of other international conventions including the fellow Rio conventions on climate change and desertification and UN agricultural conventions. He credits the cross-sectoral links built by his attendance of international conferences on agriculture and the attendance of his agricultural convention peers at the CBD with facilitating progress in both spheres.