Quamrul Chowdhury

COP19: Quamrul Chowdhury on the priorities of LDCs

COP19 (15/11/13) – Quamrul Chowdhury the lead climate negotiator for Bangladesh talks about the issues that concern the least developed countries (LDCs).

LDCs want a road map towards the 2015 agreement and that needs to be done at this conference. If we do not construct a road map at this conference we will not reach a deal in 2015, says Chowdhury.

Pre-2020 ambition also needs to be looked at.

Some progress has been made with Europe by reaching its target seven years in advance. However there cannot be a mitigation gap – Europe needs to raise their ambition, and create momentum by continuing the emissions reduction. They cannot sit idle pre 2020.

There are climate leaders in Europe however certain countries, including the COP presidents Poland are not among those climate leaders. This is a great disappointment as Japans decision to reduce its emission targets as globally we have already seen the adverse effects of climate change, says Chowdhury.