CBD COP11: India's marine ecosystems threatened by population growth

CBD COP11: India’s marine ecosystems threatened by population growth

Rio Conventions Pavilion TV, CBD COP11 (16/10/2012) – Dr M Srinivasan, Professor at Annamalai University’s Faculty of Marine Sciences, explains the key issues facing India’s coastal ecosystems.

Srinivasan explains the unique significance of the marine ecology around Tamil Nadu, the region in which Annamalai University is situated, affirming the importance of the preservation of its dewgong, coral reefs, turtles and mangrove ecosystems.

Srinivasan argues that as population has increased, so has pollution, which has done much damage to coastal ecosystems. He pinpoints increasing sewage as a core problem for marine ecosystems.

Srinivasan is optimistic, however, that the Indian government is doing its best to tackle the issue.