Melchior Wathelet

COP19: Melchior Wathelet on the important voice of Europe

COP19 (20/11/13) – Melchior Wathelet, Secretary of State, Belgium talks about why although trust is lacking between the countries at the talks, he sees Europe as an important voice that can help build trust ahead of 2015.

He says progress can be made in Warsaw if countries listen to the European voice.

He says although there is not always unity among the 28 European Union member states, there is agreement on enough points to be a credible voice for the other countries to listen to.

With respect to Belgium, he says they are focussed on three pillars: energy efficiency, renewable energy and carbon dioxide emissions. He says Belgium needs to continue to be ambitious ahead of 2050 and push its citizens to change their behaviour.

He talks about the important role of youth and why intergenerational equity is vital. He says it is the responsibility of the older generation to think of the younger generation.