CBD COP11: Conservation is more than tigers: spare a thought for sparrows

Rio Conventions Pavilion TV, CBD COP11 (18/10/2012) – Mohammed Esmail Dilawar, President & Founder of the Nature Forever Society, discusses the importance and international relevance of sparrow conservation.

Dilawar explains that it is not just headline endangered species such as tigers that need protection. He asserts that common bird species need protection too.

Dilawar explains that public engagement is essential to the conservation of house sparrows, on which his organisation focusses, as they require human habitats to thrive. He describes his society’s bird feeder and bird box scheme which aims to increase nesting sites available to sparrows.

Dilawar also describes another of his society’s initiatives, which started as World House Sparrow Day but soon changed into World Sparrow Day so that other nations with different varieties of sparrow could be involved. He states that the day is now celebrated in more than 50 countries.