COP18: Geoengineering could reduce need of air-conditioning in Doha

COP18 (26/11/12) – Arafa Radwan, a lecturer at the Ukrainian National Technical University talks to the Climate Change Studio about using geoengineering methods to control the planet’s energy balance. He suggests the use of screens that could be placed above cities, like Doha, which would allow people to control the incoming sun radiation.

He talks about how the screen could be held in space, the same way that satellites are and could similarly be controlled from Earth. He explains how the screen could be made up of many small squares which could be adjusted depending on the season to allow sunlight through during colder months.

He says this invention would reduce the need for air conditioning and if the screens could act as mirrors, directing heat to colder parts of the world could also reduce the need of energy to provide heat in other countries.