Ian McGregor

COP18: Afghanistan already tackling climate change, others must do more

COP18 (30/11/2012) – Ian McGregor, Program Coordinator and Lecturer at the University of Technology, Sydney, discusses his work as an advisor to the Afghan negotiators at COP18, and the challenges the Least Developed Countries face at UN Climate Talks despite being the most vulnerable to climate change.

He describes his work on three sections of the Shared Vision talks including the emissions peak year, global emissions reduction targets, and how we globally share the responsibility to reduce emissions. He expands on the concept of equity by comparing the emissions per capita of the USA and China, to suggest that the US must do more and pledge bigger targets, while China can do more to increase its energy produced by renewable sources, which he describes as already feasible alternatives for powering the planet.

He concludes by describing Afghanistan’s climate change agenda, noting that their share of global emissions is around 0.2%. He says that they are doing a lot already to combat climate change, and other countries should do a lot more.