Carlos Eugenio Vargas

COP18: Fairtrade farmers feeling effects of climate change

COP18 (26/11/2012) – Carlos Eugenio Vargas represents small scale producers from Latin America for Fairtrade International at COP18. He is bringing the stories of how climate change is affecting small producers of the global south to the UNFCCC.

It is difficult for small scale producers to mitigate and adapt to climate change, he says. They are finding problems with either having too much or too little water for their crops. While farmers in Latin America are establishing their own strategies to deal with climate change, he affirms that they need help, and this is why he is here to bring their story to the UN.

He concludes by acknowledging the importance of fairtrade farming as a vehicle to communicate the effects of climate change on people, and promote better methods of production for the environment and for communities.