Dr David Renne

COP18: Solar energy has huge potential – and ready to grow

COP18 (04/12/2012) – Dr David Renne, President of the International Solar Energy Society describes the great potential of solar energy, saying it is much higher than what we require for our energy needs. His society is dedicated to promoting a 100% renewable energy future, and is at COP18 to provide technical expertise to negotiators.

He describes the wide variety of technologies to convert solar energy to electricity, and explains that its growth can be attributed to feedback on improvements, favourable policies to open up markets and good financing schemes to encourage private investment.

He describes solar as a commercial, cost-effective energy that will continue to evolve. He says there is room for improved efficiency and cost of solar energy, and explains that global carbon pricing in the future would help grow the solar market grow, while the Green Climate Fund could help lower the risk of initial investment to encourage significant private sector investment.